Est√©e Lauder double wear foudation

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This is the most amazing foundation i have ever tried. Recently i have been on the hunt to find a new foundation to suit my skin and one that is durable throughout the day. I’ve tried a few drug stores like maybelline¬†and witch but they just down quite do it for me. I used to swear by the no7 beautifully matt foundation however my mum started to notice how the colour wasn’t matching my neck therefore i had a line. I really HATE having a foundation line, it bugs me so much. So i went back and got my colour re tested and it came back with the same colour – calico. So this is where my hunt started, i never thought i would fall for a high end foundation, i always thought whats the point? it only costs so much more, what could it possibly do that is better?

Well, i was so wrong. I have been using this foundation for a few weeks now and i love it. It glides beautifully on your skin and stays on throughout the day – exactly what i was looking for. I went into boots where a lovely lady sat me down to do a colour test. we swatched some shades on my neck and looked at what colour suited me best, she gave me two samples and told me to use both and see which tone i preferred more, one was more pale and one was a little more tanned but both shades suited the colour of my neck fine. she told me it was totally what i preferred in the light. I took these samples home and they lasted me about 2 and a half weeks… which was brilliant a little goes a long way.

This foundation is quite pricey however you only need a little and it last ages as i found with the samples. So ¬†purchased the full size product which costs ¬£31. I can assure you this is no normal foundation it claims to be non transferring, suitable for all skin types, 15 hours staying power, non colour changing or smudging, flawless no matter what heat or humidity, light weight and comfortable. Now that is a lot to live up to. I would say that i agree with everything they claim (apart from 15 hours staying power because i haven’t worn it for that period of time) because this foundation feels and looks flawless all day long. The thing i am most impressed with is the fact that it doesn’t transfer on to clothes. The semi – matt finish makes your skin look so natural but at the same time evens out all the unwanted oil from your pores. Its a medium coverage that is very buildable. It has spf 10 to protect your skin in the sun. With 44 shades to choose from your sure to find the shade which is perfect for you, i wear the shade 1co shell, this suits my skin absolutely amazing.

So this is an honest review of what i thought of the¬†Est√©e Lauder double wear foundation. Hope you enjoyed reading! don’t forget to like and comment below.


Est√©e Lauder double wear foudation

January favourites


I know it’s a little late for January favourites as we are half way through February (which i can not believe) but i thought i would do this as i got a lot of new things to try from Christmas which i have loved throughout January!

My first favourite is the tanya burr liquid highlight, i really love the formula of this product because it doesn’t feel heavy and it just adds a subtle glow which i love! if you want more of a intense highlight i would recommend using a powder highlight on top (i have been using the tanya burr ¬†powder highlight from the beautifully defined pallet). This liquid highlight is really beautiful and it’s really affordable as well.

My second favourite is the Kiko super gloss in the shade 106, normally I’m not the lip gloss kind of person, they are normally to sticky or quite a horrible texture but this lip gloss is none of that instead its’s smooth, silky ¬†and creamy. The shade of this is like a pink shimmer and it goes with most make up looks. This brand is so affordable and their products are so good quality, it’s got to be one of my top favourite make up brands.

My next favourite is the Rimmel lasting finish concealer, i literally LOVE this product because it’s so high coverage and it’s not clingy. It is really long lasting and very durable which i find is a main feature i want in a concealer. I use this under my eyes, in the centre of my nose, on my chin and in between my eye brows because i use this to highlight with. I tend to get the shade 002 ivory which is perfect for my skin tone (for highlight). I normally use the real techniques contour brush to blend this concealer.

My fourth¬†favourite is the Kiko smart eyeshadow pallet in the shade ’02 warm shades for an exotic look’. I really like the formula of these eyeshadow because they leave hardly any fall out and their pigmentation with out a primer is incredible in my opinion. My most used shades are 02,03,05,06,07 these shadows are just so gorgeous. This pallet is also perfect for traveling because its compact and slim, i recently took this on holiday and it was just the right size and just the right amount of shades.

And then the next favourite is the Zoella diffuser in the sent my eden. I received this for Christmas from my parents and the sent is amazing. I really like this because the smell is so strong and it fills the room, usually diffusers are quite weak in scent but this is honestly the best diffuser. This product is really affordable as well and the packaging is the nicest thing.

Moving onto Fragrance i’ve really been loving the Zoella beauty sweet inspirations body mist, this has such a lovely scent. I haven’t stopped spraying it all the way through January because it’s very light and sweet. I can honestly say that whenever I’ve gone to pick up a a perfume/body spray i have just kept reaching for this one as it is so wearable on a daily basis.

My next favourite skin care product is the formula daily care cleansing face wash. I really like this product because it really makes you skin feel smooth and fresh. It has really improved the look of my skin and the appearance of spots. After using this product i just use a night cream to moisturise my skin. You can buy this from M&S.

Thank you for reading! hope you enjoyed, please don’t forget to like and comment below.

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January favourites

Top 5 beauty essentials


I have a few must have beauty i items i want to share with you, I having been loving all these items for so long now and i swear by them to make my beauty routine perfect!

  1. Clarins¬†lisse minute, this is AMAZING, i honestly love this product so much because it has so many different uses like face primer which is what i use it for most and eye primer and lots more but it makes my make up last so long it’s unbelievable, i don’t think i can live without this product it’s quite high end but its totally worth it.
  2. Tanya burr pink cocoa lipstick, i am in love with everything about this product, i love the packaging it looks so expensive, i love the colour of the lipstick, i also love the quality and price for what you get. The colour is so pigemnted and bold, its such a lovely colour as well it just goes with every make up look and i think it’s a great drug store lipstick for only ¬£6.99.
  3. No 7 beautifully matt foundation, this foundation i have been using for years now, its such an amazing coverage and i personally really like matt foundations so this one really works for me. I have very sensitive skin and this foundation dosen’t effect my skin at all unlike other foundations i have found in the past. This foundation also drys quite quickly which i like because i hate the wet feeling of a foundation. Also i love how No 7 match the foundation to your skin tone by them scanning a patch of your skin they can tell you the exact colour you need.
  4. Clarins hydra quench face mask, this is honestly one of my favourite skin care products because it makes your skin so refreshed and hydrated, it’s really good when your skins looking quite neglected. Another reason why i really love it is because it doesn’t feel horrible when it’s sitting on your skin. Even though this is pricey it is well worth it.
  5. Benefit bad gal mascara, this mascara is my favourite because i really like quite full on thick mascaras so this one is amazing, it never goes clumpy and i have had it for about 3 years and it makes even the smallest of lashes appear longer and fuller. Honestly this mascara is the best, Its’s a bit pricey but well worth it!
Top 5 beauty essentials

My casual go to make up


I love wearing make up and trying out different products but this is just a few items which I use most days. Some of these products I mentioned in my ‘top ten things I’ve been loving right now’ post which i did a couple of weeks ago. This make up look is really easy to recreate and most of the products used a high street brands.

Make up brushes: I have quite a few make up brushes, probably a lot more than I need! I have a variety of different brands all for different uses. Here are the ones I use all the time:

  • Real Techniques buffing brush, this brush comes in the real techniques core collection set which you can buy from Boots and Superdrug for ¬£20.99.
  • Real Techniques contour brush, this is also included in the core collection set.
  • No7 retractable brush, I’m not sure that they actually do this brush any more but you can get one quite similar by No7 it’s ¬£15.00 from Boots.
  • Revolution ultra pointed crease brush, this copper brush is from Superdrug for ¬£5.99.
  • Eco tools blending and bronzing brush, this is from Superdrug for ¬£9.99.

Face: I love trying out new face products but I always seem to go back to the same ones I always use in the end. I think that when it comes doing the ‘ base ‘ of your make up you should use good quality products because that is what is sitting directly on your skin, this is what i use:

  • No7 baeutifully matte light foundation in the shade warm beige or calico, you can by this at Boots for ¬£14.50.
  • Collection primed and ready, this is from Superdrug or boots and it costs ¬£4.99.
  • No7 instant radiance concealer, this is from Boots for ¬£13.50.

Cheeks: It’s important to get your cheeks right because you don’t want them to look over bronzed or blushed. Bronzers, blushers and highlights are such a personal thing and you just need to find the best one for you! here are the ones i use:

  • Revolution ultra bronze, this is from Superdrug and costs only ¬£3.00.
  • Kiko infinity+ eye shadow, although this is an eye shadow it makes a great highlight you can buy it from the Kiko store for ¬£5.90.
  • Blushing hearts triple baked blusher in the shade peachy keen heart, this is from Superdrug for ¬£4.99.

Eyes: I love testing out new eye looks and dressing my eyes up for different occasions. I think that the eyes transform the whole make up look and really finish it off. My eye make up is my favourite thing to to do out of my whole make up because there is so much you can test and try. here are a few products i use on my eyes:

  • Clarins Lisse minute base comblante, you can get this from Clarins store or amazon this is actually a full face primer but i prefer to use it just on the eyes as an eye primer It’s ¬£26.50.
  • Collection work the colour eye shadow pencil in the shade hot chocolate, you can get this from Boots¬†for about ¬†¬£3.19.
  • Kiko eye shadow in 122 (mat beaver brown) and 134 (pearly coca), you can get these from the¬†Kiko¬†store for ¬£2.90.
  • Benefit They’re real mascara, you can get this from benefit store for ¬£19.50.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the products that i use for my casual make up look, i hope this have given you some tips and maybe some new products to try!

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My casual go to make up

Top ten things I’ve been loving right now


I have been loving lots of things recently but i couldn’t mention all of them so here are my top ten picks right now!

  1. Beats solo HDS by Dr Dre: I have been listening to these all the time whether it’s listening to music or watching you tube. They are so handy to fold up and put in you handbag for on the go. The sound quality is Brilliant too!¬†IMG_1849.JPG
  2. Benefit they’re real mascara: I have been using this with every make up look, it’s quite clumpy but i like thicker clumpier mascaras. The only other thing is it’s quite hard to get off but apart from that it’s amazing!
  3. Love Tanya by Tanya Burr: I have just finished this while i was on holiday, It’s so hard to put down because of the interesting advice and recommendations about life, skincare, make up and hair. There are also some really yummy looking recopies in there too. I would really recommend giving this a read.
  4. Real Techniques by Sam and Nic, Buffing brush: I love this brush for putting on foundation especially because normally i find that with a standard foundation brush it doesn’t seem to actually blend it into your skin instead it just layers it up on top but with the buffing brush it just blends in effortlessly.
  5. The blushing hearts triple baked blusher in ‘peachy keen heart’ by i heart make up: I have loved this because its not too heavy and strong on your cheeks, it just gives you that little hint of colour back into your face. It really adds a fishing touch to your normal make up.
  6. Ghd straighteners : I have been loving my Ghds for a long time because they are so reliable and really do straighten your hair for days. The thing i love most about Ghds is that it only take 30 seconds for them to heat up which make it super quick and easy in the morning.IMG_1848.JPG
  7. Zoella rose gold vanity case: I have non stop used this from the moment i brought it, it’s so convenient to store everyday make up in. Not only is it really useful it is so pretty and stylish which i love, it looks so delicate! ¬†¬†IMG_1851.JPG
  8. Mason jar/Milk bottle glasses: I have so many of these because they are just so practical and really cute instead of a normal glass cup. I brought some really chunky straws from Ikea and they are so useful for smoothies and milkshakes. I have them in all different shapes and sizes.IMG_1850.JPG
  9. Victoria’s Secret Pink Wild and Breezy body spray: I have loved this so much i have nearly finished the bottle, i only brought a mini bottle which i really regret because i use it so much. It just has such a lovely fresh, clear fragrance.
  10. Barry M coconut infusion nail paint in ‘sunkissed’ : Barry M is such a ¬†good brand and their nail polishes are Amazing quality but at a small price. Sunkissed is like a pale nude shade which is quite plain but looks really lovely and goes with most outfits. The best part is it was only ¬£4.99!IMG_1853.JPG

I really hope you enjoyed reading about the things i have been loving at the moment, Don’t forget to follow my links below! I post every Sunday at 6 pm.

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Top ten things I’ve been loving right now