What i got for my 15th birthday




As you might know it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago on the 5th of February. I turned 15 years old and recieved loads of lovely gifts i wanted to share with you. This post is not to brag, I personally just love reading these type of posts and they always give me really good ideas of what to ask for. These presents are from my family and friends, i love all of them so much! Thank you to everyone who brought me a gift i love it 🙂

The first item i got was the hp sprocket, now if you don’t know already the sprocket prints polaroid style photos from your phone. I love this so much because its’s really handy when your out with your friends and you want to print some photos out because of it’s size is perfect for carrying about in you bag. I have also been using this to print out photos for my scrapbook because every photo you print, you have the option to peel off the back and it then becomes a sticker, i have found this so good for scrap booking because its so easy and convenient.

The second item that i got was a scrapbook, I’ve been wanting one of these for quite a long time now and i really really like it. I think that these days i have way too many photos which just stay on my phone and realistically they just get lost or deleted by accident, but by putting them in a scrapbook makes them so much nicer to look at and display. I have loads of memories in my scrapbook and it will hopefully be something i keep and look back on when i am older.

The next product i got is the smash box photo finish primer water, i love this product to absolute pieces because it primes, fixes, holds and refreshes my make up. It can do so many things and it defiantly makes my make stay in place all day and makes my make up apply much nicer. Overall this product is just perfect for on the go as a refresh to make your make up look much more glowy.

Then the next item is the party to the peepers eye kit by benefit. It includes 3 creaseless colour wash shadows and a mini they’re real mascara. Honestly, for contouring you eyes this works miracles! Its so good as a base and then you can deepen the crease and highlight the inner corner further which is what i normally do. The darkest shade (which i think is go taupeless but I’m not exactly sure) is a great transition shade for the outta crease area. I really really like this kit and it has the cutest packaging, it comes in a metal tin and the front is almost a 3d effect. I love it!

I also received macs velvet teddy lipstick and mini prep and prime skin base. I haven’t actually had chance to try this yet but its such a lovely nude colour which i can imagine going well with any make up look. What i love about macs lipstick formula is that they last all day and never feel sticky or drying, so thats why i love macs lipsticks so much.

Anther item i received was the dirty works heavenly hands kit. This includes a hand lotion, nail buffer and a little make up/beauty bag. This is a really lovely and i especially love the buffer because i think that really makes a difference to you nails. I haven’t got round to trying the hand lotion yet but I’m sure it’s brilliant. The little beauty bag really comes in handy for storing things in and especially for popping make into for on the go.

The next item i received was the soap and glory ‘take you pink’ paper set. This includes a variety of minis from the basic sent which are clean on me shower gel, the righteous body butter, scrub of your life body scrub, hand food non greasy hand lotion and a full size pink body polisher. I really love soap and glory as a brand and i really like all there products. I also really really like the scent from the original range because it is just so relaxing.

The next thing i relieved was the jack wills english velvet set, which i love the scent of. I think this set makes such a lovely gift and i think that i will use everything thats inside. I really love the hand lotion in particular because it moisturises your hands so well. When i have had jack wills skincare before I’ve really liked it so I’m sure i am gunna like this just as much.

The next thing i received was the ‘tender love + carry’ copper vanity case. I love this SO much because if you don’t know already i LOVE  all things copper so the fact that this vanity case is all copper is a dream. This is really great for storing make up in or skincare products or even jewellery, i think i might store my make up favourites or just lipsticks in there. Another great thing about this vanity case is that theres a detachable mirror inside this is so handy for doing eye make up or mascara, it really gives good precision.

I also received the absolutely fabulous A5 notebooks by CGB , these notebooks are so lovely because they are just the right size for jotting down notes. I love the designs of these notebooks. They are lined inside so they’re really good for writing in. I’m not quite sure what to do/write in them yet I’m still deciding, because i don’t want to ruin them by writing rubbish in them (which is what i normally end up doing).

Thank you so much to everyone who brought me presents, i chose not to put clothing or money in this because i didn’t really know how to display them but never the less it doesn’t mean i was any less grateful for them, so thank you very much if you brought me money or clothing. Thank you for sticking around till the end and reading this very long blog post, hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to like and comment below!



What i got for my 15th birthday



On the 2nd of march i went on a trip along with my school to Berlin. It was one of the best school trips i have been on i made so many great friendships.I left school early and went to the airport. We arrived in Germany quite late and when we got to the hostel we un-packed, had dinner and went to sleep.

The next day we woke up bright and early to have breakfast. After breakfast we travelled on the train to Oranienburg concentration camp. This was the most powerful and intense experience i have ever had. Oranienburg was one of the first concentration camps in Germany, it was used for a force labour camp. It was established by the Nazis in 1933 and grew rapidly until 1936. Going inside was like nothing i have ever encountered before, the feeling of emptiness, terror and silence struck me. As i read the information posters that shared so many terrors and torchers which occurred there i could not believe what i was reading. I would really recommend a visit to the concentration camp because it is an experience which is going to stay with me for a life time. After we had a 3 and a half hour tour we got the train to the olympic stadium which was sadly closed but we still managed to have took at the outside and take a few photos. Then later than evening we took a trip out to Reichstag (German government) It was amazing to see the whole of Berlin lit up, if you don’t already know the Reichstag has a dome at the top which you can visit and see the whole of Berlin. It was absolutely beautiful i would defiantly go again.


Day 3, we got up and had breakfast, after that we headed off to go to the jewish museum, which was fascinating. I particularly loved the piece of art work which was loads of metal faces in a room, you walk across them and they make a really loud sound, This is to represent the pain the jews went through. After the jewish museum we went to check point Charlie and the check point Charlie museum, which was great too. After that we took a stroll to the holocaust memorial in central Berlin. This was one of my favourite parts of the trip because although it was a sad place of remembrance it is also a place full of care and kindness. Next we walked a short way along to the Pariser Platz which was really great as the sun was just setting and it is so beautiful, its also the most popular photo destination in the whole of Berlin. Next we went to the remain of the Berlin wall this was really great too because it was so interesting how you can still touch it, just opposite from this is the Topography of Terror, Which was also very interesting to see the Gestapo and SS headquarters all mapped out  and defiantly a worth while visit.


Day 4, After breakfast we visited the story of Berlin, This was really really good because it was an interactive museum so there were loads of things to do and i really enjoyed it. After this we went down into an old bunker, which was really creepy and silent, The lighting is green and blue, which makes you feel very on edge. It was used as a protection from bombs. After this we went shopping and ate lunch. Then it had unfortuantly come to the time to go home, we travelled back to the airport by train and hoped on our flight back to England. And thats where the tips ends.

I had an amazing time in Berlin, and i would really recommend visiting. Thank for reading!