The Ultimate Mini Spa


This is what i have put together which i think is the ultimate mini spa to do at home, this is perfect for a gift or just to enjoy yourself for a little pamper! I love running a hot bath, putting a bath bomb in and relaxing with a face mask on. This mini spa costed around £60 but i just chose quite expensive brands, it’s really easy to make yourself for a gift.

The first items are the 7th heaven face masks, I got these in Argon Oil and Aloe Vera mud masks because i really like how they really make your skin feel smooth and fresh. These masks cost me roughly  £0.79 each which is really good considering the quality.

The second items are the lush bath bombs i got them both in ‘ickle baby bot bath bomb’ because i have really sensitive skin this bath bomb is actually doesn’t react with my skin so its perfect. They were £1.95 each from lush.

The next items are Molten Brown body wash in ‘gingerlily’ and the hand cream in ‘pink pepperpod’. Molten Brown is such a lovely good quality brand. This body wash just makes you feel so relaxed. This hand cream makes your hands feel so soft and nourished. The body wash was £20.00 and the hand cream was £10.00.

The next items are the Barry M coconut infusion nail polish in the colour ‘sunkissed’ and the Kiko mat base and top coat. I love Barry M this brand because they are so good quality for such an affordable price. The Barry M nail polish was around £4.99 and the Kiko top/base coat was about £1.75 .

The red/orange Mason jar is something a bit different to have your drink in. I like Mason jars because they have a handle to pick them up which is really handy. I think my Mason jar was about £2.99.

The simple oil balancing face wash is really good for sensitive skin and makes your skin fell really smooth. I would really recommend a face wash when doing a mini spa because it is so refreshing and it ensures you have all of your face mask removed. I got the face wash from boots for £2.79.

The soap and glory body butter is so soft on the skin and is really good after you have had a long bath. I love soap and glory because it is a really good quality high street brand. I think the body butter was around £10.00 form boots.

The Sanctuary ultimate salt scrub is so nice to exfoliate with, I love how it’s sooth and refreshing. Sanctuary are a really nice spa brand offering a wide range of different spa products. I got this from boots for £1.79.

The loofah pad, pebbles facial brush and pebbles puff pumpkin. These are all really good tools for the ultimate spa, The facial brush really makes sure you face is full exfoliated, The loofah pad makes sure your body is fully exfoliated and The puff pumpkin makes sure your body wash is blended in. I got the facial brush and puff pumpkin from Superdrug. The brush was £3.99 and the puff was £2.29.

I hope you enjoyed reading i would really love to see you recreate this, so don’t forget to tag me.


The Ultimate Mini Spa