Interview : Rosie Baird

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For this post i have interviewed Rosie Baird, One of my really good friends and an amazing photographer. She has an Instagram @rosie.baird with just over 3k followers, which she uploads photographs she has taken on her travels. She also has a youtube channel where she creates photography videos of different places she has been around the world.

QUESTION 1: How do you feel about having over 3k followers on your photography account?

It’s pretty surreal – when i first started out i really didn’t expect to get anymore than 100 followers but the more i improved my feed the more followers came with it. it makes me really happy to think that over 3k people decided to follow me and show support for my photos, and i look forward to the future with my account 🙂

QUESTION 2: What made you start doing photography and what encouraged you to start an Instagram account dedicated to it?

I’ve been doing photography ever since i was little – on my mums old iphone 2, an ipad and then finally a camera. i’d never really taken it very seriously until i found Instagram and got inspired by tons of accounts on there such as @jamesrelfdyer , @fursty , @andrewtkearns & @samuelelkins. i realised how much photography meant to me and decided that i wanted to share my photos online just like all the other photographers i’d seen. the amount of positive feedback the Instagram community has given me has inspired me to carry on taking pictures and to improve my skills as much as i can.

QUESTION 3: When you go on your travels, what do yo take with you and why?

I like to travel light, just one bag with the obvious essentials ( some clothes, toiletries etc ) and then my camera equipment. i usually just take my canon 600d body and then my 24-105mm lens along with some usbs so i can upload my photos to instagram whilst i’m away. i’ve recently just bought myself a phantom 4 and will definitely be taking that with me on my future travels.

QUESTION 4: If you had to give 3 tips for people starting to do photography what would they be?

1. practice makes perfect. you won’t improve unless you keep taking photos and experimenting with different styles.

2. don’t do it for the wrong reasons. if you’re starting photography to get rich and famous on instagram, you shouldn’t be doing it at all.

3. do it for yourself. it doesn’t matter what other people think of your photos, only what you think of them.

QUESTION 5: Who has influenced you the most?

I think that as much as the photographers i aspire to have pushed me to try and level with their abilities, my friends that i have made over instagram have influenced me the most. over the 2 years i have been doing photography on instagram i have met some really great people that have taught me lots about photography and without them i wouldn’t be where i am today.

QUESTION 6: How do you educate yourself to take better photos?

I’m a self taught photographer so i’ve never taken any lessons before, meaning many things i’ve learnt how to do i’ve had to teach myself. as i’ve said before a lot of friends i’ve made through the instagram community have educated me quite a lot about photography and cameras, and i’ve also learnt a lot by watching tutorial videos on youtube.

QUESTION 7: Among you work, which is your favourite post and why?

I’d say my recent posts where i’ve been trying out different things with fairy lights. i’ve been trying to mix up my feed for 2017 and i’m really happy with how they came out.

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Ones like this on my feed.

QUESTION 8: What is the one thing you wish you had known when you started taking photos?

Probably not to care about my feed that much as i used to end up barley posting any photos as i was afraid they’d mess up my feed. i also wish i didn’t care about likes and following as much as i did 🙂

Thank you for answering my questions Rosie! Thank you for reading this post i hope you have enjoyed reading and don’t forget to check out Rosie’s  amazing photography account @rosie.baird on Instagram.



Interview : Rosie Baird

January favourites


I know it’s a little late for January favourites as we are half way through February (which i can not believe) but i thought i would do this as i got a lot of new things to try from Christmas which i have loved throughout January!

My first favourite is the tanya burr liquid highlight, i really love the formula of this product because it doesn’t feel heavy and it just adds a subtle glow which i love! if you want more of a intense highlight i would recommend using a powder highlight on top (i have been using the tanya burr  powder highlight from the beautifully defined pallet). This liquid highlight is really beautiful and it’s really affordable as well.

My second favourite is the Kiko super gloss in the shade 106, normally I’m not the lip gloss kind of person, they are normally to sticky or quite a horrible texture but this lip gloss is none of that instead its’s smooth, silky  and creamy. The shade of this is like a pink shimmer and it goes with most make up looks. This brand is so affordable and their products are so good quality, it’s got to be one of my top favourite make up brands.

My next favourite is the Rimmel lasting finish concealer, i literally LOVE this product because it’s so high coverage and it’s not clingy. It is really long lasting and very durable which i find is a main feature i want in a concealer. I use this under my eyes, in the centre of my nose, on my chin and in between my eye brows because i use this to highlight with. I tend to get the shade 002 ivory which is perfect for my skin tone (for highlight). I normally use the real techniques contour brush to blend this concealer.

My fourth favourite is the Kiko smart eyeshadow pallet in the shade ’02 warm shades for an exotic look’. I really like the formula of these eyeshadow because they leave hardly any fall out and their pigmentation with out a primer is incredible in my opinion. My most used shades are 02,03,05,06,07 these shadows are just so gorgeous. This pallet is also perfect for traveling because its compact and slim, i recently took this on holiday and it was just the right size and just the right amount of shades.

And then the next favourite is the Zoella diffuser in the sent my eden. I received this for Christmas from my parents and the sent is amazing. I really like this because the smell is so strong and it fills the room, usually diffusers are quite weak in scent but this is honestly the best diffuser. This product is really affordable as well and the packaging is the nicest thing.

Moving onto Fragrance i’ve really been loving the Zoella beauty sweet inspirations body mist, this has such a lovely scent. I haven’t stopped spraying it all the way through January because it’s very light and sweet. I can honestly say that whenever I’ve gone to pick up a a perfume/body spray i have just kept reaching for this one as it is so wearable on a daily basis.

My next favourite skin care product is the formula daily care cleansing face wash. I really like this product because it really makes you skin feel smooth and fresh. It has really improved the look of my skin and the appearance of spots. After using this product i just use a night cream to moisturise my skin. You can buy this from M&S.

Thank you for reading! hope you enjoyed, please don’t forget to like and comment below.

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January favourites

15 things i’ve learnt in 15 years


Today is my 15th birthday and currently I’m in Majorca on holiday. I thought i would write this post so that i can look back on this and cringe about what i’ve written.

  1. The first thing i have learnt is that some friendships don’t last forever, your friends change all the time and some people i was friends with in the past i am no longer friends with but thats okay because people change and sometimes your similarities change.
  2. The second thing i have learnt is that everything happens for a reason i know this sounds stupid but sometimes you think something has happened for the worst but actually it happened for a reason good or bad.
  3. Don’t take everything so seriously because at the end of the day you have to enjoy yourself and theres no point being serious all the time because otherwise you would have no enjoyment.
  4. Being happy is the most important thing, if your not happy then make yourself happy find something you love to do and do it because if you don’t then your’ll just be miserable and whats the point in that.
  5. If you want something make it happen, for example i wanted a blog for ages but i was too scared what people would think and actually why? because if i want to do something then i’ll do it no matter what anybody thinks.
  6. Don’t take everything for granted because there are so many things to be grateful for and sometimes i need to stop and think to be grateful for what i have got and stop wanting more.
  7. Be confident, I’ve learnt that whatever anybody thinks or does it doesn’t matter because as long as your confident you can do anything and even if your scared at first you just have to think whats the worst that could happen?
  8. Think before quitting, everything is worth a try but before you quit realise what you’ve got and what your doing before you give up because you might not be able to get it back again.
  9. To put myself in other people positions more because sometimes i think that i don’t think of the other side of the argument or situation and it’s import to realise that.
  10. Trying to assume good intentions, although this is something I’ve learnt i could defiantly get better at it because sometimes i see the downside to everything and i think i need to think about the upside more!
  11. Family is the most important thing to me, because i love them so much and i don’t think i say that enough and they do so much for me, so i think i could appreciate them more.
  12. I’ve also learnt that your first impression stands for a lot because as everyone knows we judge someone by the way they come across at the start and its important to be yourself theres no point pretending.
  13. find something you love and make others happy by doing it, this is so simple but to me it means so much because i really like doing it.
  14. At the same time I’ve have learnt that not every minuet of your life is going to be a happy one but just think that its not going to last forever and you will feel happy again.
  15. Take every opportunity you want to because life doesn’t last forever (sorry for the cringe quote) and make the most of what you have.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, i love writing blog posts and I’m sorry if this is a bit deep/inspirational but i just thought that i would write this post because all the 15 things I’ve mentioned are actually things I’ve learnt! All these things are what i think and i don’t intend to offend anyone. please follow, like and comment.

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15 things i’ve learnt in 15 years