Top ten things I’ve been loving right now


I have been loving lots of things recently but i couldn’t mention all of them so here are my top ten picks right now!

  1. Beats solo HDS by Dr Dre: I have been listening to these all the time whether it’s listening to music or watching you tube. They are so handy to fold up and put in you handbag for on the go. The sound quality is Brilliant too! IMG_1849.JPG
  2. Benefit they’re real mascara: I have been using this with every make up look, it’s quite clumpy but i like thicker clumpier mascaras. The only other thing is it’s quite hard to get off but apart from that it’s amazing!
  3. Love Tanya by Tanya Burr: I have just finished this while i was on holiday, It’s so hard to put down because of the interesting advice and recommendations about life, skincare, make up and hair. There are also some really yummy looking recopies in there too. I would really recommend giving this a read.
  4. Real Techniques by Sam and Nic, Buffing brush: I love this brush for putting on foundation especially because normally i find that with a standard foundation brush it doesn’t seem to actually blend it into your skin instead it just layers it up on top but with the buffing brush it just blends in effortlessly.
  5. The blushing hearts triple baked blusher in ‘peachy keen heart’ by i heart make up: I have loved this because its not too heavy and strong on your cheeks, it just gives you that little hint of colour back into your face. It really adds a fishing touch to your normal make up.
  6. Ghd straighteners : I have been loving my Ghds for a long time because they are so reliable and really do straighten your hair for days. The thing i love most about Ghds is that it only take 30 seconds for them to heat up which make it super quick and easy in the morning.IMG_1848.JPG
  7. Zoella rose gold vanity case: I have non stop used this from the moment i brought it, it’s so convenient to store everyday make up in. Not only is it really useful it is so pretty and stylish which i love, it looks so delicate!   IMG_1851.JPG
  8. Mason jar/Milk bottle glasses: I have so many of these because they are just so practical and really cute instead of a normal glass cup. I brought some really chunky straws from Ikea and they are so useful for smoothies and milkshakes. I have them in all different shapes and sizes.IMG_1850.JPG
  9. Victoria’s Secret Pink Wild and Breezy body spray: I have loved this so much i have nearly finished the bottle, i only brought a mini bottle which i really regret because i use it so much. It just has such a lovely fresh, clear fragrance.
  10. Barry M coconut infusion nail paint in ‘sunkissed’ : Barry M is such a  good brand and their nail polishes are Amazing quality but at a small price. Sunkissed is like a pale nude shade which is quite plain but looks really lovely and goes with most outfits. The best part is it was only £4.99!IMG_1853.JPG

I really hope you enjoyed reading about the things i have been loving at the moment, Don’t forget to follow my links below! I post every Sunday at 6 pm.

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Top ten things I’ve been loving right now

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