These are some photography pictures which i am most proud of. I just thought i would share this with you guys because i have a photography account on Instagram – @hannah.lens i post on there every so often, it’s just something i really enjoy. I wanted to show you what kind of photos i like to take and i just thought it would be quite interesting. It took me so long to upload all these images and I’m really proud of this post so i hope you enjoyed looking at the photos i have taken, before i forget all of these photos i have taken my self and i would really appreciate it if you give this post a like. Thank you for reading!


Autumn skincare favourites


Autumn is here! and its time for a new skincare routine so here are few of my favourite products i use for my skincare:

  • Pure clarifying foam wash by body shop ‘drops of light’ – This product is really soft on your skin and makes your skin so much softer and clearer. It really helps to improve the appearance of your skin. I really like how this product can be part of your everyday skincare routine. This is £12 from the body shop.
  • Oils of life facial oil by body shop – This product smells so nice and it feels really nice on your skin. I really like how this oil makes your skin feel really smooth and revitalised. This is from the body shop for £26
  • Oils of life essence oil by body shop – This product is so nice, it really makes skin so much soother and glowing. I like this product because it makes your skin feel very moisturised and makes your skin look healthy which is what you need in the autumn weather. This was £15 from the body shop.
  • tea tree anti-imperfection daily solution by the body shop – This oil is really soft on the face, it helps to make blemishes disappear. I’ve been using this product for a little while now, applying it before i go to bed along with the tea tree oil and i think it really works. My blemishes have reduced if not disappeared. This is £12 by the body shop.
  • tea tree oil by the body shop – This product is really good when used along with the tea tree solution to fight blemishes. I like this product because you can use it every day. This is £8.00 by the body shop.
  • philosophy hope in a jar moisturiser – Its really nice on the skin and its perfect for this time of year. Its really absorbing and smoothing. This is from boots for £34.50.
  • HydraQuench cream mask by Clarins – This is a really nice product, i use this about once a week and it really clears my skin and makes me fell refreshed. I think it really makes sure that there is not product left on your skin (make up etc..). This is by Clarins for £34, its quite pricey but its really worth it.
  • Senspa nourishing hand and body lotion – This lotion smells so nice and makes your skin feel amazing. Its just what you need for dry hands in the autumnal season. I like this product because it makes skin super soft. This is from Waitrose for £5.95.

I really hope you enjoyed reading. I know this post included a lot of body shop products but i am just really loving their skincare items at the moment! Thank you for reading, please feel free to leave a comment below with some of your favourite autumnal items!

Autumn skincare favourites