15 things i’ve learnt in 15 years


Today is my 15th birthday and currently I’m in Majorca on holiday. I thought i would write this post so that i can look back on this and cringe about what i’ve written.

  1. The first thing i have learnt is that some friendships don’t last forever, your friends change all the time and some people i was friends with in the past i am no longer friends with but thats okay because people change and sometimes your similarities change.
  2. The second thing i have learnt is that everything happens for a reason i know this sounds stupid but sometimes you think something has happened for the worst but actually it happened for a reason good or bad.
  3. Don’t take everything so seriously because at the end of the day you have to enjoy yourself and theres no point being serious all the time because otherwise you would have no enjoyment.
  4. Being happy is the most important thing, if your not happy then make yourself happy find something you love to do and do it because if you don’t then your’ll just be miserable and whats the point in that.
  5. If you want something make it happen, for example i wanted a blog for ages but i was too scared what people would think and actually why? because if i want to do something then i’ll do it no matter what anybody thinks.
  6. Don’t take everything for granted because there are so many things to be grateful for and sometimes i need to stop and think to be grateful for what i have got and stop wanting more.
  7. Be confident, I’ve learnt that whatever anybody thinks or does it doesn’t matter because as long as your confident you can do anything and even if your scared at first you just have to think whats the worst that could happen?
  8. Think before quitting, everything is worth a try but before you quit realise what you’ve got and what your doing before you give up because you might not be able to get it back again.
  9. To put myself in other people positions more because sometimes i think that i don’t think of the other side of the argument or situation and it’s import to realise that.
  10. Trying to assume good intentions, although this is something I’ve learnt i could defiantly get better at it because sometimes i see the downside to everything and i think i need to think about the upside more!
  11. Family is the most important thing to me, because i love them so much and i don’t think i say that enough and they do so much for me, so i think i could appreciate them more.
  12. I’ve also learnt that your first impression stands for a lot because as everyone knows we judge someone by the way they come across at the start and its important to be yourself theres no point pretending.
  13. find something you love and make others happy by doing it, this is so simple but to me it means so much because i really like doing it.
  14. At the same time I’ve have learnt that not every minuet of your life is going to be a happy one but just think that its not going to last forever and you will feel happy again.
  15. Take every opportunity you want to because life doesn’t last forever (sorry for the cringe quote) and make the most of what you have.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, i love writing blog posts and I’m sorry if this is a bit deep/inspirational but i just thought that i would write this post because all the 15 things I’ve mentioned are actually things I’ve learnt! All these things are what i think and i don’t intend to offend anyone. please follow, like and comment.

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15 things i’ve learnt in 15 years

Winter night routine


The first thing i like to do when i get home from school is get in something comfy and watch some YouTube.

Then when I’ve watched YouTube for an hour or so i check if i have any homework due for the next few days if so i do a bit of it now.

Now its time to have a bath, sometimes i have a bath bomb (my favourite atm is butter bear) which i pop in but if i didn’t i just add lots of bubble bath (i really like Waitrose pink grapefruit bubble bath).

After i’m out i like to get in some comfy pyjamas and make myself a caburys hot chocolate. If i haven’t already i will check my social media. Then i’ll spend some time with my family watching some TV.

After watching some TV i will brush my teeth and cleanse my face with the formula daily care face wash.

Then i will get into bed and spend about an hour scrolling through my phone until i fall to sleep, night!

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Winter night routine

Top 5 beauty essentials


I have a few must have beauty i items i want to share with you, I having been loving all these items for so long now and i swear by them to make my beauty routine perfect!

  1. Clarins lisse minute, this is AMAZING, i honestly love this product so much because it has so many different uses like face primer which is what i use it for most and eye primer and lots more but it makes my make up last so long it’s unbelievable, i don’t think i can live without this product it’s quite high end but its totally worth it.
  2. Tanya burr pink cocoa lipstick, i am in love with everything about this product, i love the packaging it looks so expensive, i love the colour of the lipstick, i also love the quality and price for what you get. The colour is so pigemnted and bold, its such a lovely colour as well it just goes with every make up look and i think it’s a great drug store lipstick for only £6.99.
  3. No 7 beautifully matt foundation, this foundation i have been using for years now, its such an amazing coverage and i personally really like matt foundations so this one really works for me. I have very sensitive skin and this foundation dosen’t effect my skin at all unlike other foundations i have found in the past. This foundation also drys quite quickly which i like because i hate the wet feeling of a foundation. Also i love how No 7 match the foundation to your skin tone by them scanning a patch of your skin they can tell you the exact colour you need.
  4. Clarins hydra quench face mask, this is honestly one of my favourite skin care products because it makes your skin so refreshed and hydrated, it’s really good when your skins looking quite neglected. Another reason why i really love it is because it doesn’t feel horrible when it’s sitting on your skin. Even though this is pricey it is well worth it.
  5. Benefit bad gal mascara, this mascara is my favourite because i really like quite full on thick mascaras so this one is amazing, it never goes clumpy and i have had it for about 3 years and it makes even the smallest of lashes appear longer and fuller. Honestly this mascara is the best, Its’s a bit pricey but well worth it!
Top 5 beauty essentials

The Shard


On Wednesday 21st December me, my friend and my family went up to London. We drove up to Westerfeild and caught the tube to London Bridge which from there we took a short walk to the shard. The view was AMAZING! and i loved every second, you could see everything the London eye, Buckingham palace and so much more. I would really recommend going to the shard to see this beautiful view because it truly is a one in a life time. After we went to the shard, spent loads of time in the gift shop we headed back to Westerfeild and did a bit of shopping, which is an excellent shopping centre, we stayed there till late and then headed home. I had such a lovely day, here are a few photos i took…

The Shard

2017 – looking forward


2016 was great! I finally managed to build up the courage to create this blog, It’s really helped me to not care so much about what people think. A lot of amazing things have happened this year like getting my camera, having loads of wonderful experiences and meeting new friends, but the most important thing i can take from this year is that i don’t need to fit in all the time, it’s okay to be a little different sometimes.

I know i haven’t been great at getting blog posts up this year but in 2017 i want to make sure i really work hard at this blog because it’s something i really care about, so thank you to the people who have stayed following me or reading because it means a lot. So 2017 is gunna be another great year, don’t get me wrong it will have it’s ups and downs like 2016 did but as an overall it’ll be fantastic!

In 2017 i really want to meet so many new people because it’s nice to meet people who are interested in the same things that you are. Also in 2017 i want to be able to say i have been to 3 new places i have never visited before. Also in 2017 i hope that this blog will grow and i will have more readers because it’s not about the amount of people it’s the fact i will know someones reading what I’m typing. Lastly i want to spend more time with my family because they are so important to me and although i spend a lot of time with them now i could defiantly spend more. So this time next year hope fully i’ll look back at this and see what i’ve achieved (although i’ll probably think i’ve talked a load of rubbish), this is a message to my future self, i hope you have achieved everything.

Thank you so much for reading, i hope you enjoyed it!

(by the way i wrote this in 2016 so terms like ‘this year’ and ‘now’ mean 2016)

2017 – looking forward

7 things to do for Halloween


Halloween is so much fun so here are a few ideas of how to celebrate this time of year!

  1. Tulleys farm Shocktober fest Scream park, I went to Tulleys farm this year for shocktober and I had so much fun! It’s basically where you walk around 8 different haunts where people scare you and it is literally the scariest thing ever but it’s also so so much fun. I went with a group of friends and it’s such a great laugh. Tulleys farm is located in Crawley, if you want to find out more go to their website.
  2. Thorpe park fright night, This is said to be really good I’ve never been before but it’s meant to be scary and lots of fun! Basically you go on all the rides that Thorpe park offer but in the dark an there are a few rides only put on for Halloween, their are also actors around the park scaring you! Again it’s a great thing to do with your friends, to find out more head over to their website.
  3. Halloween sleepover, It’s always great to have some friends over and have a big sleepover especially on Halloween! why not grab a scary film and set up a tent in the garden with some popcorn and sweets. Why not decorate the tent and garden with all Halloween decorations, Its a great idea for Halloween fun.
  4. Halloween party, Why not invite loads of friends over and have a big party with decorations and Halloween treats! You can also do loads of Halloween activities and games (no matter what age). This great fun and a really festive idea for this time of year!
  5. Halloween cooking session, Why not make some Halloween treats and find new recipes. This is fun to do on your own or with a friend, It’s funny what crazy ideas you can come up with. And you can always do these ideas for a party or sleepover.
  6. Trick or treat, Obviously this is a really fun thing to do on Halloween. Why not go with some friends, get all dressed up and go around collecting sweets. Its always really fun to walk around chatting and having a good time. It doesn’t take a lot of planning, organising or spending.
  7. Weekend in London, why not spend a weekend doing all of the activities, Halloween related stuff, shopping and going to the cinema! I know this doesn’t sound very Halloween but you can make it as festive as you want if your a big Halloween fan why not book tickets to see a spooky show or go on a ghost bus tour for the fright of your life!

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, let me know down below what your doing for Halloween!

7 things to do for Halloween

Autumn skincare favourites


Autumn is here! and its time for a new skincare routine so here are few of my favourite products i use for my skincare:

  • Pure clarifying foam wash by body shop ‘drops of light’ – This product is really soft on your skin and makes your skin so much softer and clearer. It really helps to improve the appearance of your skin. I really like how this product can be part of your everyday skincare routine. This is £12 from the body shop.
  • Oils of life facial oil by body shop – This product smells so nice and it feels really nice on your skin. I really like how this oil makes your skin feel really smooth and revitalised. This is from the body shop for £26
  • Oils of life essence oil by body shop – This product is so nice, it really makes skin so much soother and glowing. I like this product because it makes your skin feel very moisturised and makes your skin look healthy which is what you need in the autumn weather. This was £15 from the body shop.
  • tea tree anti-imperfection daily solution by the body shop – This oil is really soft on the face, it helps to make blemishes disappear. I’ve been using this product for a little while now, applying it before i go to bed along with the tea tree oil and i think it really works. My blemishes have reduced if not disappeared. This is £12 by the body shop.
  • tea tree oil by the body shop – This product is really good when used along with the tea tree solution to fight blemishes. I like this product because you can use it every day. This is £8.00 by the body shop.
  • philosophy hope in a jar moisturiser – Its really nice on the skin and its perfect for this time of year. Its really absorbing and smoothing. This is from boots for £34.50.
  • HydraQuench cream mask by Clarins – This is a really nice product, i use this about once a week and it really clears my skin and makes me fell refreshed. I think it really makes sure that there is not product left on your skin (make up etc..). This is by Clarins for £34, its quite pricey but its really worth it.
  • Senspa nourishing hand and body lotion – This lotion smells so nice and makes your skin feel amazing. Its just what you need for dry hands in the autumnal season. I like this product because it makes skin super soft. This is from Waitrose for £5.95.

I really hope you enjoyed reading. I know this post included a lot of body shop products but i am just really loving their skincare items at the moment! Thank you for reading, please feel free to leave a comment below with some of your favourite autumnal items!

Autumn skincare favourites