On the 2nd of march i went on a trip along with my school to Berlin. It was one of the best school trips i have been on i made so many great friendships.I left school early and went to the airport. We arrived in Germany quite late and when we got to the hostel we un-packed, had dinner and went to sleep.

The next day we woke up bright and early to have breakfast. After breakfast we travelled on the train to Oranienburg concentration camp. This was the most powerful and intense experience i have ever had. Oranienburg was one of the first concentration camps in Germany, it was used for a force labour camp. It was established by the Nazis in 1933 and grew rapidly until 1936. Going inside was like nothing i have ever encountered before, the feeling of emptiness, terror and silence struck me. As i read the information posters that shared so many terrors and torchers which occurred there i could not believe what i was reading. I would really recommend a visit to the concentration camp because it is an experience which is going to stay with me for a life time. After we had a 3 and a half hour tour we got the train to the olympic stadium which was sadly closed but we still managed to have took at the outside and take a few photos. Then later than evening we took a trip out to Reichstag (German government) It was amazing to see the whole of Berlin lit up, if you don’t already know the Reichstag has a dome at the top which you can visit and see the whole of Berlin. It was absolutely beautiful i would defiantly go again.


Day 3, we got up and had breakfast, after that we headed off to go to the jewish museum, which was fascinating. I particularly loved the piece of art work which was loads of metal faces in a room, you walk across them and they make a really loud sound, This is to represent the pain the jews went through. After the jewish museum we went to check point Charlie and the check point Charlie museum, which was great too. After that we took a stroll to the holocaust memorial in central Berlin. This was one of my favourite parts of the trip because although it was a sad place of remembrance it is also a place full of care and kindness. Next we walked a short way along to the Pariser Platz which was really great as the sun was just setting and it is so beautiful, its also the most popular photo destination in the whole of Berlin. Next we went to the remain of the Berlin wall this was really great too because it was so interesting how you can still touch it, just opposite from this is the Topography of Terror, Which was also very interesting to see the Gestapo and SS headquarters all mapped out  and defiantly a worth while visit.


Day 4, After breakfast we visited the story of Berlin, This was really really good because it was an interactive museum so there were loads of things to do and i really enjoyed it. After this we went down into an old bunker, which was really creepy and silent, The lighting is green and blue, which makes you feel very on edge. It was used as a protection from bombs. After this we went shopping and ate lunch. Then it had unfortuantly come to the time to go home, we travelled back to the airport by train and hoped on our flight back to England. And thats where the tips ends.

I had an amazing time in Berlin, and i would really recommend visiting. Thank for reading!


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