15 things i’ve learnt in 15 years


Today is my 15th birthday and currently I’m in Majorca on holiday. I thought i would write this post so that i can look back on this and cringe about what i’ve written.

  1. The first thing i have learnt is that some friendships don’t last forever, your friends change all the time and some people i was friends with in the past i am no longer friends with but thats okay because people change and sometimes your similarities change.
  2. The second thing i have learnt is that everything happens for a reason i know this sounds stupid but sometimes you think something has happened for the worst but actually it happened for a reason good or bad.
  3. Don’t take everything so seriously because at the end of the day you have to enjoy yourself and theres no point being serious all the time because otherwise you would have no enjoyment.
  4. Being happy is the most important thing, if your not happy then make yourself happy find something you love to do and do it because if you don’t then your’ll just be miserable and whats the point in that.
  5. If you want something make it happen, for example i wanted a blog for ages but i was too scared what people would think and actually why? because if i want to do something then i’ll do it no matter what anybody thinks.
  6. Don’t take everything for granted because there are so many things to be grateful for and sometimes i need to stop and think to be grateful for what i have got and stop wanting more.
  7. Be confident, I’ve learnt that whatever anybody thinks or does it doesn’t matter because as long as your confident you can do anything and even if your scared at first you just have to think whats the worst that could happen?
  8. Think before quitting, everything is worth a try but before you quit realise what you’ve got and what your doing before you give up because you might not be able to get it back again.
  9. To put myself in other people positions more because sometimes i think that i don’t think of the other side of the argument or situation and it’s import to realise that.
  10. Trying to assume good intentions, although this is something I’ve learnt i could defiantly get better at it because sometimes i see the downside to everything and i think i need to think about the upside more!
  11. Family is the most important thing to me, because i love them so much and i don’t think i say that enough and they do so much for me, so i think i could appreciate them more.
  12. I’ve also learnt that your first impression stands for a lot because as everyone knows we judge someone by the way they come across at the start and its important to be yourself theres no point pretending.
  13. find something you love and make others happy by doing it, this is so simple but to me it means so much because i really like doing it.
  14. At the same time I’ve have learnt that not every minuet of your life is going to be a happy one but just think that its not going to last forever and you will feel happy again.
  15. Take every opportunity you want to because life doesn’t last forever (sorry for the cringe quote) and make the most of what you have.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, i love writing blog posts and I’m sorry if this is a bit deep/inspirational but i just thought that i would write this post because all the 15 things I’ve mentioned are actually things I’ve learnt! All these things are what i think and i don’t intend to offend anyone. please follow, like and comment.

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15 things i’ve learnt in 15 years

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