Winter night routine


The first thing i like to do when i get home from school is get in something comfy and watch some YouTube.

Then when I’ve watched YouTube for an hour or so i check if i have any homework due for the next few days if so i do a bit of it now.

Now its time to have a bath, sometimes i have a bath bomb (my favourite atm is butter bear) which i pop in but if i didn’t i just add lots of bubble bath (i really like Waitrose pink grapefruit bubble bath).

After i’m out i like to get in some comfy pyjamas and make myself a caburys hot chocolate. If i haven’t already i will check my social media. Then i’ll spend some time with my family watching some TV.

After watching some TV i will brush my teeth and cleanse my face with the formula daily care face wash.

Then i will get into bed and spend about an hour scrolling through my phone until i fall to sleep, night!

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Winter night routine

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