2017 – looking forward


2016 was great! I finally managed to build up the courage to create this blog, It’s really helped me to not care so much about what people think. A lot of amazing things have happened this year like getting my camera, having loads of wonderful experiences and meeting new friends, but the most important thing i can take from this year is that i don’t need to fit in all the time, it’s okay to be a little different sometimes.

I know i haven’t been great at getting blog posts up this year but in 2017 i want to make sure i really work hard at this blog because it’s something i really care about, so thank you to the people who have stayed following me or reading because it means a lot. So 2017 is gunna be another great year, don’t get me wrong it will have it’s ups and downs like 2016 did but as an overall it’ll be fantastic!

In 2017 i really want to meet so many new people because it’s nice to meet people who are interested in the same things that you are. Also in 2017 i want to be able to say i have been to 3 new places i have never visited before. Also in 2017 i hope that this blog will grow and i will have more readers because it’s not about the amount of people it’s the fact i will know someones reading what I’m typing. Lastly i want to spend more time with my family because they are so important to me and although i spend a lot of time with them now i could defiantly spend more. So this time next year hope fully i’ll look back at this and see what i’ve achieved (although i’ll probably think i’ve talked a load of rubbish), this is a message to my future self, i hope you have achieved everything.

Thank you so much for reading, i hope you enjoyed it!

(by the way i wrote this in 2016 so terms like ‘this year’ and ‘now’ mean 2016)

2017 – looking forward

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