My New Room


Recently I have newly  decorated my room. The colour scheme is grey, white and copper. I have chosen a variety of styles and textures which all tie in to create a great feel to the room. The reason I chose grey, copper and white is because they all work well together and they are my favorite colours.

Copper fairy lights – The little copper lanterns are perfect to add a little touch of light to your room. They look beautiful at night and through the day as decoration.I brought these from Primark for £6 which i though was a good price considering the quality.


Copper wire bin – This triangle inspired wire bin is rustic and stylish. I brought this for my room because its copper (obviously) but also because its not too big and fits in the corner. I brought this from Matalan for £6 which again i thought was a good price for a high standard of quality.


Copper lamp – This probably one of my favourite items in my room because it looks so modern and also it lights up the room so well. Love that when it’s lit up you can see the bulb in it. I brought this from Homesense for about £19.99.


copper picture frame – This copper picture frame is great for holding memories from time to time. It fits a 7×5″ picture but i just have some urban outfitters booth photos in it. This costs £7.99 from Newlook.

Grey chalkboard shelf – This convenient shelf stores 3 shelves full of stuff, its really handy to put little candles, photos etc… on.  I really like how you can draw on the chalk board at the back and really make it your own. I brought this from Homesense for £29.99.


Paint and wallpaper – I went for 1 wall in white brick wallpaper and the other 3 in grey paint because i think that the white brick wallpaper would be to over powering to have on all 4 walls and i wanted to add a bit of character to the room. The paint is call Quiet Interlude, i’m not sure of the brand but i got it from B&Q. The wallpaper is from   and it was £6 per roll.

Bed spread and pillows – The colourful bedspread adds a splash of colour to the room. The pillows and throw really give the room some decoration. I got the bedspread from Primark in their deluxe cotton range for £16. I got the throw from Primark for £8.

Desk – I love my desk because it folds down to allow more room for sleepovers etc… It’s really practical and I love all the cute shelves. This is where i got it all from:

  • Copper jars are from Paperchase and they were £8.
  • Notebook and pencils are from Burberry
  • Matte copper pen pot from Paperchase for £6
  • Shiny copper pen pot from Matalan for £3
  • Revision cards from Staples and Wilko
  • fairy lights are from Primark for only £1.50
  • White folder basket is from Ikea
  • Desk chair and pillow from Ikea

As I did my room up a few weeks ago I just thought I would share it with you, I hope you enjoyed reading! And if there is anything you can see that i didn’t mention feel free to comment below or on my social medias.

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My New Room

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